Hello 👋

Very much needed Oxygene this Sunday morning. This album completely transport you somewhere else with this futuristic sound.

Record laying on top of record player

Just like that the week is nearly over, nothing beats Sketches of Spain from Miles Davis on a Thursday night.

Miles Davis album overlapping my Rega turntable

Every time I play this album surprises me. I start with “logical song” and I think, oh yes ok this is good and then 10 mins later you stumble across “Breakfast in America” and those instrumental pieces, just wow. Great way to start a Sunday.

Cover of Breakfast in America from Supertramp

We had a little bit of TLC this afternoon, made some delicious coffee, had a wonderful danish cherry pastry and listened to Michael Kiwanuka. Work still hectic and very stressful but hopefully it will get more manageable next week.

Black coffee on a dinner mug with cherry danish pastry on a warm brown plate and teak table.

Record cover of Kiwanuka.