Hello 👋

Goodbye my little Skippy, you’ve been the absolute best friend, we will always remember you. Wherever you are now, we love you.

skippy the cat sleeping in the bed

skippy and toy mouse

skippy sitting on the sofa

Here’s Skippy feeling sorry for himself because he had a cold for the last two weeks.

ginger cat sleeping on the bed

Well at least someone is enjoying being home all the time! Skippy is having a blast.

Skippy, ginger cat sleeping in brown sofa

On a day with a low moral like today after the terrible result of yesterday’s election, nothing better than looking at heart warming pictures of Skippy being silly!

Our little Skippy is going to the vet this morning for a scan and he’s so grumpy as he doesn’t understand why breakfast hasn’t arrived yet. It’s always heart breaking as he was left to starve before he came to live with us.