Hello 👋

I can’t wait to try this lovely Valentines blend from Hard Lines, my lovely fiancée got it for me, it has my favourite Ethiopian roast “Dambi Udo”. Exciting!

Pink coffee bag standing in front to my keyboard with a card next to it

Very excited to brew this lovely beans, first time ordering coffee from Horsham Coffee Roaster, I really like the fact that they work with certified organic farms and that they’ve a good range of relationship coffee. Thanks @mejh for the recommendation, I hope you have some too!

Three white coffee bags in a brown table with a chair in the background and some flowers.

Forgot to share this lovely coffee that we had from Pharmacie Roasters from Hove during Christmas. It’s from Ywangan in Myanmar, it was packed with delicious blueberries leaving you with a really hefty mouthfeel, no doubt it’s on my favourite list!

brown coffee cup and saucer next to the christmas tree

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, been incredible busy at work and in the personal I’ve just moved to a new home. After a week of having been here, it’s nice to have a slow Sunday, drink some delicious coffee from Carnival and have a delicious toast of tomate.

Toast with tomato, coffee and orange juice on a brown wood table

Thinking about this delicious cinnamon bun we had this week. It pairs very well with my Elvis Reinerio Tineo from Curve Roasters without doubt will be having it again soon!

Cinnamon bun on a brown plate next to my MacBook Air and a nice cup of coffee.

We had a little bit of TLC this afternoon, made some delicious coffee, had a wonderful danish cherry pastry and listened to Michael Kiwanuka. Work still hectic and very stressful but hopefully it will get more manageable next week.

Black coffee on a dinner mug with cherry danish pastry on a warm brown plate and teak table.

Record cover of Kiwanuka.