Hello 👋

We stopped in Málaga on our way back home, the weather was so good that we managed to get the first dip of the year… I’m not gonna lie, the water was pretty cold but it was totally worth it, summer here we come! 🏊‍♀️

Lovely park with lots of greenerySea and beach of Malaga

Last week I got engaged to the kindest, most beautiful, caring, thoughtful human being I know, my best friend Anna. I can’t wait to start this new chapter! 🎊

Sandy beach witu low tide

Hand wearing engagment ring against a sandy beach background

Last day in Las Negras was pretty great, we will miss this little spot for sure!

Calm beach picture taken from back with sand in front of me, dark rock on the side

Sorry, can we just take a second to appreciate how beautiful the Kent seaside is? 🌊

Reflection of the sun in the wet sand

Reflection of the sun on the wet sand

Earlier on this week we went to our favourite sea side retreat, we had an awesome day walking along the sea, eating delicious food and having a cup of delicious filter coffee, what else can you ask for?

Anna walking on the sea, low tide blue skies

Sand with annas black boots and brown jacket as we walk along the sea

Sea bream on a paprika butter with rosemary on top in a white plate

reflection of the sun on the sand

sun coming down on the sea shore

Yesterday we managed to get a little bit of a break from work and home stuff, we went to stare at the sea and had a delicious lunch. For sure if we can, we need more seaside trips.

Sea and pebbles

Falafel wrap with pomegranate juice

Just thinking about how nice it was our last dip in Brighton last week. It was a mega fun day out, having a picnic and jumping in and out of the water.

Calm blue sea with pebbles