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More tomato salad, it could not be any other way given we are in tomato land. As dessert, a lovely arroz de marisco just overlooking at the beautiful sea. Lovely cold and bright Rueda not pictured but helped to settle everything down!

Tomato salad with ventresca on top, on a white plate over a black table.

As always, such a nice time in this little terrace overlooking at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea enjoying life’s little treats, a nice tomato salad, amazing olives and of course, a glass of fino.

Views from a terrace with the sea and the mountains to the right hand side.Salad with tomatoes and onions on a brown clay bowl.Green and black olives on a bowl next to a glass of fino.

I think I had forgotten how much I like travelling on trains and just seeing the uninterrupted view of the scenery along the line, mile after mile, as the train hurries…

Train window with background of a green field with the seat next to the window

We stopped in Málaga on our way back home, the weather was so good that we managed to get the first dip of the year… I’m not gonna lie, the water was pretty cold but it was totally worth it, summer here we come! 🏊‍♀️

Lovely park with lots of greenerySea and beach of Malaga

We managed to scape the big smoke and came over the tranquility of the villages of the Alpujarras de Granada, here’s a collection of memories from our trip to Bubión, Capileira and Pampaneira just under Sierra Nevada.

Window with views into the mountains Views from the mountains down into the valley View of the small river coming down from the mountains in Sierra Nevada Water coming down a small canal in the middle of the street in Pampaneira Local shop selling handmade rugs Anna looking into an old tinao

Last day in Las Negras was pretty great, we will miss this little spot for sure!

Calm beach picture taken from back with sand in front of me, dark rock on the side

Lovely vermú today with views to the sea of Las Negras 🌵, such a lovely evening!

Vermouth holding on my hand with the sea facing me

Yesterday we managed to get a little bit of a break from work and home stuff, we went to stare at the sea and had a delicious lunch. For sure if we can, we need more seaside trips.

Sea and pebbles

Falafel wrap with pomegranate juice

Throwback to last year visit to Teteria Almedina back in my home town of Almería. I really hope we get to enjoy another meal in this place soon.

couscous meal with lamb in a tangine