Hello 👋

Very excited to brew this lovely beans, first time ordering coffee from Horsham Coffee Roaster, I really like the fact that they work with certified organic farms and that they’ve a good range of relationship coffee. Thanks @mejh for the recommendation, I hope you have some too!

Three white coffee bags in a brown table with a chair in the background and some flowers.

So pleased to see our garden evolving, it’s really starting to take shape! Now that it’s all bit more homey we need to focus on getting some nice plants on it and starting thinking about what veg to grow.

Garden with pendants lights like a triangleYellow garden furniture on a platform made of wood

Last day in Las Negras was pretty great, we will miss this little spot for sure!

Calm beach picture taken from back with sand in front of me, dark rock on the side

Lovely vermú today with views to the sea of Las Negras 🌵, such a lovely evening!

Vermouth holding on my hand with the sea facing me

“Comida de cuchara” as my Mum would say, nothing fancy but this dish it’s just so heart warming for me!

White deep plate on a brown table with a silver spoon, on the plate beans, red sauce and spinach, its a stew