Hello 👋

Following on our last few days of our trip this summer, filled with delicious wine, food, indulging trips to the hamman, sea and the pool. Hopefully more soon?

Glass of red wine half full on white marble bar, next to a silver plate with mayo boiled potatoes.View from terrace to blue sky and palm tree in the middle.Spanish tapa on white plate with chips, tapa consists of white bread with meat inside, on top a stick with roasted cherry tomatoes.View of the blue sky while holding a glass of fizzy wine.

More tomato salad, it could not be any other way given we are in tomato land. As dessert, a lovely arroz de marisco just overlooking at the beautiful sea. Lovely cold and bright Rueda not pictured but helped to settle everything down!

Tomato salad with ventresca on top, on a white plate over a black table.

As always, such a nice time in this little terrace overlooking at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea enjoying life’s little treats, a nice tomato salad, amazing olives and of course, a glass of fino.

Views from a terrace with the sea and the mountains to the right hand side.Salad with tomatoes and onions on a brown clay bowl.Green and black olives on a bowl next to a glass of fino.

In such a hot week, having this space to be able to enjoy dinners outside and host friends in the evening it’s absolutely lovely.

Garden with lights hanging on a zig zag with yellow garden furniture in the background.

“El gato que está triste y azul, nunca se olvida que fuiste mía, más siempre serás en mi mirar, lágrima clara de primavera. El gato que está en la oscuridad, sabe que en mi alma… una lágrima hay.” 🎶

Album cover on top of the right side speaker next to the turntable and a green leaf from a nearby plant

I think I had forgotten how much I like travelling on trains and just seeing the uninterrupted view of the scenery along the line, mile after mile, as the train hurries…

Train window with background of a green field with the seat next to the window