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August also marked by my beautiful fiancée birthday, we had a lovely time away to celebrate the occasion and enjoyed this lovely cake made by my mother-in-law, it was stunning, I can still remember how it tasted!

Anna walking down the stairs wearing a flowery dressBirthday cake on gold stand, white frosting and candles onField with green bright trees and a string of lights across Big airy room with mustard curtains and brown floors

More tomato salad, it could not be any other way given we are in tomato land. As dessert, a lovely arroz de marisco just overlooking at the beautiful sea. Lovely cold and bright Rueda not pictured but helped to settle everything down!

Tomato salad with ventresca on top, on a white plate over a black table.

As always, such a nice time in this little terrace overlooking at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea enjoying life’s little treats, a nice tomato salad, amazing olives and of course, a glass of fino.

Views from a terrace with the sea and the mountains to the right hand side.Salad with tomatoes and onions on a brown clay bowl.Green and black olives on a bowl next to a glass of fino.

Enjoying a chill Sunday cooking a delicious stew called ”Olla Tonta” which literally translates to “Silly pot” it’s named that way as traditionally these stews will have jamón, black pudding and other meats but this particular stew is vegetarian, hence apparently the origins of the name.

Green pot on top of the burner.

“Comida de cuchara” as my Mum would say, nothing fancy but this dish it’s just so heart warming for me!

White deep plate on a brown table with a silver spoon, on the plate beans, red sauce and spinach, its a stew

Last weekend we did a virtual cooking class with the folks at Migrateful, it was so lovely to learn a little bit more about Moroccan food and to share the experience with other people even if it was only virtually. We cooked Cauliflower, Olive and Lemon Tagine, Taktuka and Zalouk.

Brown round table layed out with multiple dishes, tagine in a round big frying pan and the rest of the dishes on white deep bowls, there's also two green plates to eat from and two water glasses.

Just thinking about how delicious was this recipe from Diana Henry ‘North African seven vegetable couscous’ that we had a few weeks back. Full of colours, it just reminds me of so many stews that we had growing up and the similarities with Andalucian cuisine.

Stew in a green bowl over a wooden table

As part of our family tradition, we’ve got our first pies of the year at Goddards. We started doing this around 3 years ago and it’s my favourite thing of Autumn. They might not look so photogenic but trust me, they are delicious.

Steak and ale pie with mash

Today’s lunch was just summer on a plate. Ripe and juicy peaches, sweet basil, avocados, amazing Italian pear tomatoes full of flavour and lovely mozzarella di bufala. You couldn’t ask for anything that tasted more like summer.

Lunch on a green plate on my doorstep